About Riiiver

Link to compatible devices.
Create new forms of experience.

What is Riiiver?

Riiiver is a service that enables users to create new, personalized, lifestyle-tailored forms of experience by connecting to IoT-enabled devices and a wide range of services.

At some time or other, we all wish we had the technological capability to do x or think how great it would be if a function existed for doing y. Now, with nothing more than your own creativity, you can make those wishes come true.

How do I start enjoying Riiiver?

To use Riiiver, first download the official app (scheduled release, autumn 2019) via smartphone.

You will find a wide range of iiidea* in the Riiiver Store. Download the iiidea that fit with your interests and lifestyle. Pair them with a Riiiver-compatible device to get new, fun experiences from your hardware.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Riiiver.

  • Press the watch button to get the hands to point you in the direction of a nearby café.
  • Switch on the lights when you get home. The color will change depending on tomorrow’s weather forecast.
  • Go for a jog. Whenever you burn through 200kcal, playlist shuffle will kick in and switch your listening.

* In Riiiver, a function that links to IoT devices and services are called “iiidea.” The three i’s in iiidea stand for “Imagine. Inspire. Innovate.” With iiidea, anybody can turn their ideas into reality.

Examples of what you can do with Riiiver

Creating an iiidea is easy. Anyone can do it. It just takes three simple steps. You don’t need any technical knowledge of programming or anything like that.

Just combine “pieces”* freely (a bit like gluing together a plastic model) to create the functions you want and turn your clever idea into a reality.

* In Riiiver, the function modules used to build iiidea are called “pieces.”

How do I share Riiiver?

The best part of Riiiver is that sharing your personalized micro-experiences is so easy. Family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, partners—they can all share your unique experiences via Riiiver.

CITIZEN will soon launch Eco-Drive Riiiver (scheduled release, autumn 2019), a special Riiiver-compatible watch. In addition to displaying the time, it goes well beyond traditional concepts of the watch. Eco-Drive Riiiver can be used in an infinite number of ways, all based around your creativity and your interests.

Watches are only the beginning. We expect to see a whole series of Riiiver-compatible devices coming out soon. Riiiver is an open system with all the advantages that brings. We want the Riiiver network to connect ever more products and services in future, as it rolls onward like a river in full flow.

Eco-Drive Riiiver
Eco-Drive Riiiver App