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This cookie policy describes how Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “Citizen”, “we”, “our” or “us”) use cookies and other device identifying technologies (“Cookies”) on the Riiiver, including through the Riiiver-connected mobile applications and the Riiiver website, located at (“Riiiver”). This document informs you about the types of Cookies used, why they are used and how you can exercise your choices.

What are cookies?

We use the term ‘Cookies’ to refer to all technologies which store and access information on the device that you use to access the Riiiver, such as your computer, tablet or mobile phone. For example, we use http cookies, which are small data files (typically made up of numbers and letters) that are downloaded when you access the Riiiver and allow us to recognise your device. We also use technology like pixel tags and tokens, which are embedded in our websites and mobile applications.
Some Cookies help us to enhance the online experience of our visitors and to better understand how the Riiiver is used. For example, Cookies may tell us whether you have visited the Riiiver before or whether you are a new visitor. These cookies are non-essential, as they are not fundamentally required for purposes of functionality of the Riiiver and without them, the Riiiver still works. On the other hand, Cookies that are strictly necessary in order for the Riiiver to operate correctly are called essential Cookies and without these, we would not be able to deliver the Riiiver. You have a choice about whether or not to accept the non-essential cookies when you visit the Riiiver.
There are different types of Cookies, for example:

  • Cookies served directly by us (“first party cookies”) and Cookies served on our behalf, for example by Ptmind and Google (“third party cookies”).
  • Cookies which endure for different periods of time, including those that only last as long as your browser is open (referred to as “session cookies”). These are deleted automatically once you close your browser. Other cookies are “permanent cookies”, meaning that they survive after your browser is closed. For example, they recognise your device when you open your browser and browse the internet again.

Which cookies do we use and why do we use them?

The following table sets out the different categories of cookies that the Riiiver uses and why we use them.

Type of CookieSourceWhat these Cookies doDurationHow to exercise your Cookie choices
Essential website CookiesCitizenThese Cookies are necessary to provide you some of the features of the Riiiver, such as login to the Riiiver Developer Site – yearsYou can control and delete these Cookies through your browser settings however if you choose to do so, then you will not be able to use the full functionality of the Riiiver.
Essential User Token and Refresh TokenCitizenThese Tokens are necessary to provide you some essential features of the Riiiver, such as “My iiideas(small Apps)” and “Preference Settings”.User token: 1 hour Refresh token: until you log out from the Riiiver or Six months, whichever comes earlierIf you log out from the Riiiver, this user token and Refresh token are revoked.
Analytics CookiesGoogle AnalyticsWe use Google Analytics to collect information on how the Riiiver are used and to report on the Riiiver usage statistics.Two yearsMore information, including details on how to opt-out, is available here You can also opt out of our analytics Cookies via our Cookie banner.
Analytics CookiesGoogle reCAPTCHAWe use Google reCAPTCHA to protect the Riiiver site from spam and abuse.Six monthsMore information, including details on how to opt-out, is available here You can also opt out of our analytics Cookies via our Cookie banner.
Analytics CookiesPtmindWe use Ptengine to collect information on how the Riiiver are used and to report on the Riiiver usage statistics. We do not decide which Cookies are set or how your data is used by these third parties and therefore you should refer to their privacy policy for further information about which Cookies are set and their privacy and information usage practices.Two yearsMore information, including details on how to opt-out, is available here You can also opt out of our advertising Cookies via our Cookie banner.

Since the use of third party cookies on the Riiiver cannot be fully controlled by us, the above references to third party cookies are to be considered indicative. In order to obtain complete information, you are kindly requested to consult the privacy/cookie policies of the respective third-party services listed in this document.

How can you exercise your cookies choices?

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. However, they are an important part of how the Riiiver work, so you should be aware that if you choose to refuse or remove Cookies, this could affect the availability and functionality of the Riiiver.
If you don’t want the Riiiver to use Cookies, please follow the instructions in the table above and below. There are various ways to manage Cookie related preferences and remove Cookies, where relevant. You can manage preferences related to Coolies from directly within your own device settings, for example, by preventing the use or storage of Cookies. Additionally, you can manage or update your Cookie preferences by using the cookie banner.
Most browsers accept Cookies by default. You may be able to change the settings to have your browser refuse certain Cookies or notify you before accepting Cookies. To do so, please follow the instructions provided by your browser which are usually located within the “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit” facility. Some third parties also provide the ability to refuse their Cookies directly by clicking on an opt-out link, and we have tried to indicate where this is possible in the table above.

Mobile App Opt-Out

To limit interest-based advertising on your mobile device, you can review and adjust the settings provided by your device manufacturer, such as “Limit Ad Tracking” for iOS or “Opt-out of interest-based ads” for Android.
For further information about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set on your device and how to manage and delete them, please visit and

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December 14th, 2022