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About Riiiver

Riiiver is a micro-community service that enables users to share new lifestyles free from traditional time constraints.

It links devices, services and people in a completely organic way. Users can create their own original ways of experiencing time.

With Riiiver, people can find their own unique ways of enjoying themselves. And that’s true for everyone, everywhere, whatever their age.

We want you to share that enjoyment with people close to you—and a whole new lifestyle to spread out from there, as civilisations spread following the course of rivers.

That is our hope. And that is where the name Riiiver comes from.

The Riiiver Story

Find out what happens behind the scenes at Riiiver. Listen to our team members talk about what they’re most passionate about in the project.


What is Riiiver?
Riiiver is a service that enables users to create new personalised lifestyles that they can then share with other users.
What do I need to start using Riiiver?
Download the Riiiver app to your smartphone.
Riiiver app requires iOS 12.0 or later, Android 6.0 and up.

Riiiver app for iOS
Riiiver app for Android

If you have Eco-Drive Riiiver, the Riiiver-compatible watch, download the CITIZEN Eco-Drive Riiiver app to link your Eco-Drive Riiiver and your smartphone.
CITIZEN Eco-Drive Riiiver app requires iOS 12.0 or later, Android 8.0 and up.

CITIZEN Eco-Drive Riiiver app for iOS
CITIZEN Eco-Drive Riiiver app for Android
What can I do with Riiiver?
You can link things, services and people organically across a range of devices. You can create your own original, personalised lifestyle freed from traditional time constraints.
Is Riiiver free to use?
Yes, it is basically free to use. We are also looking into paid subscription services.