2019/3/27 | Tokyo, Japan

The product page for Eco-Drive Riiiver, the Riiiver-compatible watch, goes live

The product page for the Riiiver-compatible watch, Eco-Drive Riiiver, is now live.

Eco-Drive Riiiver is a new form of smartwatch that goes beyond traditional concepts of a watch. By linking to the Riiiver service, the watch can connect to a range of devices and services.

For instance, just pushing the button is enough to summon a cab to your location or to connect with smart speakers and other IoT devices. There is an infinity of ways for users to use and enjoy the watch. User creativity is the only limit.

The design has been simplified and refined to give users maximum freedom in how they use the watch. The watch features ingenious touches throughout: for example, the hour hand and the minute hand are the same length so they can adapt to a variety of uses in addition to just telling the time.

When linked to Riiiver, Eco-Drive Riiiver really comes into its own and expands the possibilities of the wristwatch. Eco-Drive Riiiver will be launched in autumn 2019.