2021/9/6 | USA, Japan

Announcement: Riiiver server maintenance finished

Thank you for using Riiiver.

As we noticed on August 31, for iiideas using one or more of the Pieces below, you must execute their setting again for their cooperation with services outside before using them.
We are very sorry for inconvenience and taking your time for the resetting.

Pieces which need setting again for cooperation with services outside
· Hue Light Control
· Hue: Control
· Control the Hue lights
· Hue: Off
· Nature: Lighting
· Nature: TV
· Nature: Appliances
· Nature Control: Appliance
· Nature Control: AC
· Nature: AC
· Nature: Conditional A/C
· Honeywell Thermostat
· SmartThings Plug
· SmartThings: Scenes
· BOCCO Talk
· Google Calendar 123
· Send Gmail
· Send Email to ???

See below for trademarks and registered trademarks of services cooperated with Riiiver.